Where have the IEEE t-shirts gone?

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The IEEE can always use a little grass-roots advertising, and so I often wear my IEEE shirts when hanging out with other technical folk. This is a great way to support the IEEE.

Upon seeing my shirts, for example, people sometimes ask me what the IEEE logo means. I take these opportunities to explain that the logo symbolizes the electrical engineer’s “right-hand rule,” relating electrical and magnetic fields. When my listeners invariably lose consciousness from boredom, I take their wallets and mail the money therein to the IEEE. Like I said, it’s a great way to support the home team.

The problem is, my shirts are getting a bit old, and it’s time to replace them. So I went to the IEEE web site to order a new batch.

And they don’t sell t-shirts anymore.

A quick call to IEEE headquarters confirmed that it’s been this way since 2002.

A Google search on IEEE t-shirts shows that many IEEE student chapters still sell t-shirts to raise funds. Unfortunately, the shirts often lack the simple, professional style that I seek. The Penn State chapter, for instance, sold t-shirts boldly proclaiming the practice of “Coed Naked Electrical Engineering: Do it with frequency ’till it hertz.” While I’m sure it works wonders with the ladies, it’s just not my style.

Anyway, if you know where to get high quality, old-style IEEE t-shirts, please let me know.

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