About Tom Moertel

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I am a software guy with a background in engineering and computer science. I have been writing software for about twenty years. If you want to meet me at a conference or other event, my picture is to the left.

My professional interests include functional programming, type systems, scalability, reliability, performance, abstract mathematics, statistics, and causality.

My favorite programming language is (presently) Haskell, but I also write software in most common programming languages, including Python, Perl, R, Ruby, Erlang, C, and C++. I am an advocate of functional programming, which is sadly underappreciated by most of the programming world.

I served on the planning committees for the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop Conferences and the 10th Anniversary Yet Another Perl Conference, and I am a proud member of the Pittsburgh Perl Mongers.

I like coffee, in particular espresso, and often roast and blend my own coffees. I also enjoy loose-leaf teas.


You can sent me email at tom@moertel.com.

You can read my blog (right here) at blog.moertel.com.

I am:

You can Google my name (and its variants) to find a bunch of things I have written.


You may download my public key (0766A455) from the usual key servers. Here is a link to key 0766A455 on pgp.mit.edu. My key’s fingerprint is as follows:

31E1 422C 88B4 9037 C659  D001 41CE B2AA 0766 A455