Perl Mongers meet at PAPA-8 pinball tournament kickoff!

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Tonight’s meeting of the Pittsburgh Perl Mongers was held at the World Headquarters of the Professional Amateur Pinball Association to coincide with the PAPA 8 World Pinball Championships.

To say it was a cool meeting doesn’t do it justice. Not only did we hear a fun talk on writing CGI-contained Mason applications by our own Dan Wright, but after the meeting we wandered around and played fabulous, well-maintained vintage pinball machines and fine 1980s-era video games. And we watched the world’s best pinball players compete. And we ate junk food. Yeah!

By all means, do look at the PAPA 8 photos. And if you need the love that only good pinball can provide, experience PAPA 8 for yourself: the tournament runs for the next few days.

A big thanks to PAPA for hosting us!


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