Perl Mongers meet at PAPA-8 pinball tournament kickoff!

By Tom Moertel
Posted on

Tonight’s meeting of the Pittsburgh Perl Mongers was held at the World Headquarters of the Professional Amateur Pinball Association to coincide with the PAPA 8 World Pinball Championships.

To say it was a cool meeting doesn’t do it justice. Not only did we hear a fun talk on writing CGI-contained Mason applications by our own Dan Wright, but after the meeting we wandered around and played fabulous, well-maintained vintage pinball machines and fine 1980s-era video games. And we watched the world’s best pinball players compete. And we ate junk food. Yeah!

By all means, do look at the PAPA 8 photos. And if you need the love that only good pinball can provide, experience PAPA 8 for yourself: the tournament runs for the next few days.

A big thanks to PAPA for hosting us!


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