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Sam Ruby writes about his overall experience with Ubuntu Linux in contrast with Microsoft Windows in It Just Works:

Convenience. Security. Predictability. More options. Less hassle. I like that.

That’s exactly why I switched to Linux, too.

In April 2004, my main Win2k workstation’s hard drive failed. When the replacement hard drive arrived, I tried to reinstall Win2k from the original installation CD. I failed. The CD, from 1999, contained an out-of-date version of Win2k that no longer could recognize my computer’s hardware. But, because of Microsoft’s licensing terms, I was required to reinstall from that CD (the one tied to my CD Key and Certificate of Authenticity).

I kept a log of the re-installation process, and it’s not pretty. I wasted five hours trying to re-install Win2k before giving up.

Then I installed Fedora Core Linux. It took about thirty minutes, was painless, and mostly occurred automatically - while I was walking my dog. It just worked.

Today, I am writing this post on the very same workstation, happily running Fedora Core Linux 4. It just works. And I love it.

I don’t miss Windows. And I certainly don’t miss having to jump through licensing-scheme hoops. Instead, I can focus on getting my work done.

It’s a great feeling, being able to do my work on my own terms. I don’t think I’ll ever go back.

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