Everything old is new again: moving content over from my old blog.

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As you may know, a few months ago I moved my blog from its old system, powered by SnipSnap over to a new system, powered by the delightful and easier-to-hack-on Typo. Now that everything has been running comfortably for a few months, I am going to move some of my old blog’s content over to Typo.

At first I planned on writing a program to handle the move for me. It would pull from SnipSnap’s database, convert the markup of the articles, and drop the results into Typo’s database. After reviewing my old content, however, I have changed my plans.

My new plan is to cherry-pick the most interesting stuff and move it over. Some of the old stuff is too out of date or too tied to SnipSnap’s integrated wiki to be sensibly extracted and integrated into the new blog.

I’m starting the move today. If you see a “new” article that has an old date, you’ll know why.


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