My new rig is up and running

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I am happy to report that I am typing this post on my new homebrew workstation. It sure does feel snappy!

Vitals: AMD Opteron 165 (dual core), 4-GB ECC RAM, 500-GB RAID5 storage (hot-swap trays), Fedora Core 4 Linux (workstation install). I went with the AMD Opteron because of the on-chip memory controllers and better I/O architecture.

Here’s a snapshot taken halfway through the assembly process:

! the new rig)!

The heat-pipe system that AMD provided to remove heat from the Opteron 165 reminds me of the exhaust systems on top-fuel funny cars:

! AMD-provided heat remover has a heat pipe gizmo and thin-combed sink)!

Dig that shiny copper!

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