Perl and Pittsburgh: fun stuff coming your way!

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If you live anywhere near Pittsburgh and are interested in Perl, have I got a couple of announcements for you:

First, the ever-fascinating Mark Jason Dominus is speaking tonight (2006-04-12, now passed) on Improving Your Perl Code at the regular meeting of the Pittsburgh Perl Mongers. If you are interested in Perl, be there. (You don’t need to be a Perl Monger to attend.) Mark is a great speaker and wrote one of my favorite Perl books, Higher Order Perl, which puts the fun in functional programming.

Second, The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is on. Put a big circle around this date on your calendar: Saturday, 23 September 2006. It’s a full day of sleeves-rolled-up Perl fun, all focused on the sweat-inducing theme of Perl At Work. To top it off, the Workshop is dirt cheap, especially if you get the 50-percent “Early Bird” discount. (Hint: register now.)

It’s a fun time for Perl folks in Pittsburgh.

Update: MJD gave his talk, and it rocked. If you missed it, you should find a time machine now and use it to take yourself back to Wednesday evening to hear his talk. Or you could find out when he is speaking in the future and be there. Either way, don’t miss out again.

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