Upgrading my blog to run Typo 4.0

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If my blog looks a little weird right now, please bear with me. I am in the process of upgrading from Typo 2.6.0 to Typo 4.0, and so far the process has been somewhat painful.

The new Typo installer did not have much luck upgrading my blog to the new version. After fighting and solving a succession of errors and confidence-sapping problems, I decided to abandon the upgrade process. Instead, I changed to the course most likely to result in a stable configuration: to install a new blog and then move my content over to it.

The content-moving process was easier than it might sound. I manually migrated the old blog database to the new database format; dumped it to a SQL file; edited the file to remove all but the INSERT statements for articles, comments, pages, and so on; and then I loaded the statements into the new database.

I did not copy over my configuration and sidebar information, however, because I figured it would be safer to use the Typo-4.0 defaults, those being the most tested. I also recreated my user account from scratch.

So far the blog seems to be running stably, enough at least for me to restore public access again. But I still have more restoration ahead. Next I will work on restoring my espresso theme.

Update 2006-07-26: I have now restored my espresso theme. For a while I was considering using Scribbish, which is delightfully clean by comparison, but it has not yet been updated to support much of Typo 4.0’s goodness. Maybe later.

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