Netflix: don't act like weasels

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Today I had a problem with my Netflix subscription that was clearly outside the realm of the online Help Center. When I tried to find the phone number for Netflix customer support, however, I could not.

It turns out that Netflix is engaging in the weasel-like behavior of hiding its phone number from paying customers. The phone number is omitted from the Contact Us page. Searching for “phone” in the Help Center turns up the “How do I contact Customer Service?” question, the answer to which turns out to be, “Most problems can be solved by our extensive online help system… If you’re still having trouble, email Customer Service.” In other words, Don’t Call Us.

Forget that. Google and Hacking Netflix make it easy to find Netflix’s support numbers. To make it easier for you to find them, here they are:

Netflix customer support

Note to Reed Hastings: Hiding your company’s phone numbers shows a lack of respect for your paying customers. (So does limiting DVD-rental rates stochastically via a cleverly designed fulfillment-prioritization policy while using weasel words to pretend that your services are “unlimited.”)

Update 2007-09-21: I am happy to update this article with good news: Netflix recently decided to replace e-mail-based customer service with 24-hour telephone support. The phone number is easy to find on the Netflix web site, too.

Score one for Reed Hastings.

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