New Fedora Core RPMS for CRAN packages arm, Matrix, lme4, car, coda, leaps, and mlmRev

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Just a quick note for folks using the R statistics system on Fedora Linux. I have packaged for Fedora a bunch of R packages from the CRAN. (R packages have to be packaged again, as RPM packages, to integrate with Fedora Linux.)

My initial goal was to package arm, which contains tools for working with various regression models. (This package accompanies Andrew Gelman and Jennifer Hill’s wonderful book Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models) Packaging “arm,” however, quickly snowballed into packaging a bunch of prerequisites. Thankfully, I have now completed that task and can share the fruits of my labor with you.

All in all, to install “arm,” you will need the following RPMs:

The following RPMs are optional (but you will need them if you want to rebuild the RPMs):

You can download the packages from the RPMs section of the Community Projects site. Better yet, you can use Yum to download them for you. Just add the moertel-community Yum repository to your /etc/yum.repos.d directory (see RPMs for the recipe) and then use the following command:

$ sudo yum install R-arm

Yum will automatically resolve dependencies and install the required packages. If you want any of the optional packages, add them after “R-arm” on the command line.

I have built the packages for Fedora Core 6 on the x86_64 architecture, but the RPM specs are available if you want to rebuild the packages for other architectures. (See the instructions for rebuilding RPMs for help.)

Caveat: I’m not sure that the R-R2WinBUGS package is fully functional. It depends on BRugs, which doesn’t yet build on the Linux platform. To get around this problem, I made R-R2WinBUGS’s dependency on BRugs weak; the first package no longer requires the second to install.

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