Updated cabal2rpm helps you make RPM packages from Haskell Cabal packages

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Tags: haskell, cabal, cabal2rpm

I just released an updated version of cabal2rpm, a small program (written in Perl) that creates RPM spec files from Cabal package descriptions. RPM is the software-packaging format used by several popular Linux distributions, including Red Hat and Fedora. Cabal is the packaging format used by the Haskell community to distribute software written in Haskell.

Bryan O’Sullivan’s cabal-rpm also creates spec files from Cabal packages. Unlike cabal2rpm, it is written in Haskell and directly interfaces with the Cabal libraries. Long term, it is the way to go. For now, however, cabal2rpm may be more convenient because it works out of the box. (To use cabal-rpm, you’ll first need to install the just-tagged Cabal 1.2.0 library, not yet in wide distribution.)

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