Magit is a handy Emacs mode for people who use Git

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Tags: emacs, git, magit, fedora

Do you use Emacs? Do you use Git? If so, check out Magit, a delightful Emacs mode that provides a convenient interface to working with Git. Unlike many VCS modes, Magit is fully Git-centric: It understands the Git way of branching, staging, committing, history-rewriting, tagging, merging, pushing and pulling. It even knows about the reflog and has some git-svn support.

If you’re a Fedora user, just install the emacs-magit package. The package is currently in testing, so install it with the following command:

$ sudo yum --enablereo=updates-testing install emacs-magit

One more thing, Fedora users: please don’t forget to provide feedback on the package. It’s easy:

  1. Just visit the emacs-magit page in Bodhi
  2. Click on the package you installed (e.g., the Fedora 9 or 10 flavor)
  3. Add a comment, selecting “Works for me” or “Does not work” as appropriate

Hack on!