The most surprisingly helpful thing I have written

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Back in 2007, I repaired an aging and fairly obscure A/V receiver that had lost the ability to respond to its remote control. This I did by re-soldering some hard-to-find solder joints that had broken on its circuit board.

On the chance that someone else had a similar problem, I posted some instructions and photos on my blog. I didn’t think much of it at the time.

But since then, every week or so, another comment shows up, thanking me for writing it. Some typical examples:

Fixed my Kenwood V6030D 10 minutes ago. Life is good again, Thanks mate….

Ditto! Worked on my VR-209 like a champ! Thanks!

Thank you for this posting, which I stumbled upon when I was researching the problem of my remote control no longer working for this receiver (VR-507). These pictures were invaluable to locate the faulty pins. (They sure are small.) Re-soldering them restored full functionality to the receiver and the original remote control. Good job!

Thanks, Fixed my KRF-8010D with this, been 5 years fighting with remote working now and then.

There are now about 60 comments like that. I never would have imagined that 60 people would have read the post let alone get out a soldering iron because of it. But they did! And it helped them!

Now, every time I’m feeling down, I Google up that post and read the thank-yous. It cheers me up.

So here’s the lesson: Write it down. If you’ve figured something out, even if it seems unimportant, write it down. Maybe someone else will find it helpful. Maybe a lot of someone elses will find it helpful.

You never know. It might even cheer you up someday.