Finally! I have blogged 100 thousand words.

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I have finally done it! With my recent post on tree traversals, I have managed to write 100 thousand words for my blog:

>> Article.find().inject(0) { |sum,a| sum +=
?>        (a.body + a.extended.to_s).split(/\s+/).length }
=> 100334

That sounds impressive until you realize that my first blog post, Fun with Asterisk, was about nine years ago. So we’re only talking, on average, about 11 thousand words per year. And that’s not hard, if you stick with it.

For me, the trick has been sticking with it. I joined a startup at the end of 2007, and my blogging abruptly lost about four fifths of its pace:

Tom’s spotty writing record for

So I need to discipline myself to blog more frequently. I hope the next 100 thousand words won’t take so long to write.

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading and commenting. You’re the reason I wrote those words in the first place. You made the first 100 thousand words fun.

Thank you!

Your pal,
Tom Moertel