LectroTest: new release, new talk, and the new LectroTest Emporium!

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LectroTest Robot

I have a bunch of LectroTest news. LectroTest, as you may know, is a specification-based, automatic testing system for Perl. It may look like Haskell’s QuickCheck, but it tastes like sweet, sweet Perl.

LectroTest 0.3500 was released

This version adds automatic tools for recording and playing back failures. Using them, you can automatically build regression-testing suites and incorporate them into your testing plan. All it takes is one new line of code:

use Test::LectroTest
    regressions => "regressions.txt";   # <-- that's it!

See the docs on CPAN for more.

My thanks to Steffen Müller, who suggested the feature and is already using it in cool stuff such as Number::WithError.

Slides from “Testing Tips with LectroTest” are now online

You can get the slides from my talk to the Pittsburgh Perl Mongers on 2006-06-14 here: Talk / Testing Tips with LectroTest. In the talk, I covered some of the newer LectroTest features, such as regression testing and Test::LectroTest::Compat, which lets you mix LectroTest with other Perl testing modules.

The LectroTest Emporium opens!

I have very little artistic ability. Nevertheless, alarming numbers of people seem to love the fiercely metallic mascot I created for LectroTest.

At the last Perl Mongers meeting, for example, people actually told me (somewhat sternly) I should put the adorable LectroTest Robot on t-shirts. I am now delighted to announce that I have taken their advice:

Introducing: The LectroTest Emporium

Some important points:

Some items I have moral reservations about offering:

The T-shirts, on the other hand, are the robot’s meow. Check out the full collection at The LectroTest Emporium.