See you at the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop 2008!

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The 2008 Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is this weekend! I can’t wait. (BTW, there are still seats available. If you can somehow get yourself to Pittsburgh this weekend, by all means, grab a PPW ticket now.)

I’m on the organizing committee, so I get an advance look at the talks, and I’m continually impressed by the quantity and sheer interestingness of the things that the Perl community has to say. When leading members of a community volunteer their time to talk to you about something they’re passionate about, that something is usually fascinating.

This year is no exception. There are tons of talks I want to see. Check out the schedule for Saturday and Sunday, and you’ll see what I mean. (You’ll note that there are even talks on programming GPUs and adorable BUG embedded hardware.)

In addition to technical talks, there are three courses being offered this year. Daniel Klein is once again leading his From Zero To Perl introductory course, which was widely praised at last year’s PPW. Author and Perl trainer Peter Scott is offering Maintaining Code While Staying Sane, which is all about maintaining legacy code, something most programmers must do for a (surprisingly) large chunk of their careers. Finally, the ever-knowledgeable brian d foy is offering his Mastering Perl course for coders interested in learning how to reliably write professional, enterprise-quality Perl programs. (I think there are openings for some of the classes, too. If you’re interested, click one of the links above and try to grab a spot.)

This year we’re expanding on the Hackathons, too. We actually have allocated a dedicated “Hackathon Room” – and we’ve arranged for freshly ground, freshly brewed coffee all day long to fuel the hacking. :-)

All in all, it’s shaping up to be another fun-filled, festive PPW. I hope to see you there!