Pittsburgh Perl Workshop 2007: Don't miss your chance to speak!

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This year’s Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is shaping up to be uber-techno-awesome. This year, it’s two big days of lively technical talks and full-force Perl festiveness. Yes, come October, programmers of all stripes will gather in Pittsburgh over the weekend of the 13th to grab a slice of the fun. A big slice. And you - yes you, my friend – should be there.

Lots of interesting talks are flowing in, but it’s not too late to grab a speaking slot. If you have anything interesting to say about Perl, now is your time. 20- and 50-minute slots are available. To claim one, just go to pghpw.org and submit a talk proposal. It’s easy. But act now, before it’s too late!

If you have any interest in Perl, you’ll want to be at PPW 2007, and if you have anything to say about Perl, you’ll definitely want to speak at PPW 2007.

Don’t miss your opportunity. Seize the day!